Thursday, August 23, 2007

a running query

i was running last weekend and was flagged down by a couple in a car with out of state plates who clearly looked lost. i took out my iPod headphones and inquired if they needed directions. they did. i directed them back to the interstate.
as i was about to put my headphones back in my ears and continue on the last leg of my 9 mile run, the passenger asked me if i knew where there was a mcdonalds.
i told them that i actually did NOT know where the nearest mcd's was, as i did not really eat fast food. they were both perplexed by this and continued to probe if i knew where ANY fast food establishments were located.
"well, did we get off at the right exit for food? it said there would be food at this exit but we didn't see any. do you know if there's at least a KFC?"
"well, there's a dunkin' donuts just before you get on the on-ramp." i said shrugging.
that counts as fast food, right?