Wednesday, May 17, 2006

free to be

One of my favorite records has been re-released this week. Free to be you and me. One of the best children's albums of all time. Think my favorite was Atalanta, the story about the girl who won the race. Somehow, that one always stuck with me. That or the one about the girl who was eaten by tigers because, the lesson implies, she wouldn't share her mango. I know, it's hard to share mangos.
I highly recommend this album...I guess now it's a CD...for anyone with kids.
Think I'll get a copy for the ward. Seems like there are more than a few kids who might benefit from some timeless life lessons about freedom of choice, gender equality and talking about their emotions.


Turboglacier said...

"You're bald-- bald as a ping-pong ball."

girl MD said...

"and if it's all the same to you, tiger tweety, i wish you'd stop licking me and untie me at once. my dress is getting mussed."