Sunday, June 04, 2006

things that irk me...

...that are, in the long run, not important, but irritating nonetheless.
a friend of mine was supposed to call me before she left her house (as she is without a cell phone) to give me directions to a picnic that we're going to today.
she didn't call.
luckily, she was picking another friend up on the way, so i called him and got directions after all.
when asked, she said she just forgot. she was sorry. that's just how she is. maybe she'll get better about calling people.
i guess it irritated me because if the roles had been reversed, i would have called her. i'm sorry. that's just how i am. maybe i'll learn to be more forgetful.


Wrkinprogress said...

Sounds rather callous and uncaring of her, too, if you ask me. I don't think it's very polite to use the "that's just how I am" excuse when one commits a faux pas like that, but maybe I'm too uptight. Nah...! That was just plain rude!


gtfooh said...

Uh, she's not your friend. You are her friend because you care, but you don't rate with her. If you did, she would give a passing thought to you. Don't count on her for anything. She is just someone you know.

Stephen said...

There are three things that happen to you as you get older. The first is that your memory starts to go. I forget the other two.