Friday, July 07, 2006

quiet afternoon

i spent the afternoon sitting on a bench at the edge of the town green reading my latest favorite book, The History of Love. it was an interesting exercise in people-watching, too.
there was the group of girls who all looked the same, as if they had consulted one another before getting dressed that morning. the little boy in his motorized wheelchair who was racing in circles around his nanny and her friends with their young charges, all the while a huge grin on his face. the family waiting for their dinner reservation at the fancy restaurant across the street, all dressed up in suits and high heels. they seemed like such a content family. the youngest amongst them was a 9yo girl who reminded me an awful lot of myself at that age. she was just dancing around on the grass, blissfully un-self-conscious, doing cartwheels and congratulating herself when she did a particular move well. she caught me looking at her at some point and we forged an immediate bond, as if she sensed that we were dopplegangers. when they all went across the street for dinner, she looked over her shoulder at me and waved good-bye. i smiled and waved back. i wish her well, oh so well, in this crazy world. 

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sister smile said...

Sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing that.