Sunday, August 06, 2006

books and such

for all those who think i'm mysterious ...
not so.
an open book, i tell you.

the book that changed my life: to kill a mockingbird
hands down, the most amazing book. i read it when i was little and it's always stayed with me. atticus always reminded me of my dad.

a book i've read more than once: wasted
don't ask why. it's just one of those kinds of books.

a book i'd want with me on a desert island: a book about how to survive on a desert island...if such a book exists...if anyone has ever survived a desert island.

a book that made me laugh: thank you for smoking
i read it years ago when it first was published. turns out christopher buckley summers in the town where my parents live and came to give a reading just after i had finished it.

a book that made me cry: lots of books make me cry. several more notable ones are:
the kite runner
no matter how loud i shout
Baby ER
cry the beloved country
savage inequalities

a book i wish had been written: central lines for dummies

a book i wish had never been written: my organic chemistry textbook ...gawd that was painful...but it made a good doorstop once i passed the class.

a book i am currently reading: at the top of the pile currently is the history of love

a book that i am meaning to read: appetite for life, a biography of Julia Child.

five bloggers i'd like to tag:
sister smile
fat doctor


Wrkinprogress said...

Wow! I'm flattered! I'll be glad to add my list to the fray! :)

Flea said...

Ditto on the Buckley book. I laughed out loud from beginning to end.



Blog, MD said...

Ok ... I'll come out of hiding for this. Thanks for the "tag".

VitaminKMD said...

I took freaking forever, but I'm in as well!

sister smile said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm a bit behind on your blog, but I'll definitely answer this one.