Sunday, August 27, 2006


so i did it.
i ran in a charity half-marathon for the hospital yesterday afternoon. outrun the sun, if you will, which i did.
my goal was to finish without walking (except at water stations, three of which i slowed down for).
13.1 miles. 9:30 min miles (i know...not impressive for you marathoners, but consider for a first-time half-marathoner who trained whilst doing her picu rotation)
the pain i feel now is worth it. it was all for the kids.

i was severely impressed with c.j.. he's a medicine resident whom i was chatting with before the race. he had not trained specifically for this race. he decided to run on wednesday, with the race being saturday. he non-chalantly told me that he used to run track and cross-country in college and that he would have been a professional runner were he not 6'8". maybe if he were 6'2", he said. or 6'5" at the most. i nodded my head, thinking that the last year as an intern, if not the grueling 4 years of med school, would have gotten him slightly out of shape. nope. he placed in the top 20 overall, 3rd in his age group. why does being 6'8" disqualify you from being a professional runner?

today is about recovery. i slept in. brunch at lou's with my brother, who drove up with sister-in-law to cheer me on.

i did do one productive laundry, which in my new abode means going to the laudromat.

note to self: never do laundry on a rainy sunday afternoon.


Felix Kasza said...

Good on you, and congratulations! Um, and perhaps you may want to stop at more water stations next time. like every two miles or so?


sister smile said...

Good job!! Don't knock 9:30. That's a very impressive pace, all the more so considering the kind of work hours you're putting in. Congratulations, and make sure you get plenty of rest over the next few days. You've certainly earned it.

Wrkinprogress said...

Congratulations on your successful completion of your marathon!!! You go girl!!! I'm truly impressed because I want to WANT to run, but so far haven't crossed over from the first 'want to' into actually doing it. I guess I'll just stick with walking and the occasional cycling. But again, congrats on your accomplishment and for raising funds for charity! Woohooo!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You impressed this running reader!

Flea said...

Good work!


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of YOU!! And as for the learning, Sunday afternoons at a laundry mat are Tough. But a rainy one, you might as well go shopping for new clothes rather than fight the crowd. From your shopaholic friend!!

The Laundress said...

You are a marvel, very cool that you even attempted this half-marathon. Awesome.

Hope you are learning to love the laundramat. On the bright side, if you go at an off time, you can monopolize multiple machines and get many loads done at once. Very time efficient.