Sunday, June 10, 2007

a running interlude

i went for my long run today. yup. i'm training again for the half-marathon in august to raise money for our hospital.
i went on a new route today, courtesy of one of the picu nurses who lives in my neighborhood and runs it all the time. it's was great. it takes you out on back roads in vermont that ever so gently roll. there are a few hard hills, but they fortuitously hit just as the nirvana section of my running mix kicked in. plus, the view at the top is stunning. there's not too much traffic, only when it loops back around to cross over the bridge into new hampshire. but that section is pretty short and there's a sidewalk.
i was post-post-call today, which is actually the worst day in terms of fatigue after being up all night. but i pushed through the haze and protest from my quads and persevered.
this year, my goal is to raise more money ($1006 last year) and finish faster. last year was all about proving to myself that i could actually do it. this year is about doing it with style and much, much more grace. given that i actually have time to train, it just might happen.


Craig Durkee said...

great stuff good encouragement for me

daedalus2u said...

Be careful about pushing yourself too hard when you are exhausted. The "runner's high" is a delusion. A useful delusion when you are "running from a bear" and can't afford to feel "tired". Fatigue is a useful signal that you are exceeding important limits.

It isn't the exercise per se that results in endurance improvement, it is the repair and rebuilding of muscle and physiological support systems afterward that does it.

Check out my blog on the importance of coming down from the "fight or flight" state and what does that (mostly NO stuff).