Sunday, June 17, 2007

terrapin station

i was driving home tonight after a surprise farewell dinner party organized by a 5yo CF patient for her beloved pulmonologist (and my incredibly wonderful mentor). it was a fun evening, full of stories, laughter, and the entertaining antics of the 5yo and her little brother, almost 2yo.
as i walked to my car, feeling a little bittersweet, i looked up and saw a thin sliver of a crescent moon and venus, nestled in the moon's curve. it reminded me of an old, favorite grateful dead song.

"Counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright;
The spiral light of Venus, rising first and shining best,
All along the northwest corner, of a brand new crescent moon,
While crickets and cicadas sing, a rare and different tune,
Terrapin station."

i can't quite explain why, but it was one of those moments when you just have to pause and wonder at the beauty of everything.


MY OWN WOMAN said...

Thank you for letting me see one of "those nights" through your eyes.

Symbiosis said...

Beautiful, beautiful indeed. I had one of those magical days today. If you get a chance read my post from today. I know exactly what you are talking abt!