Wednesday, April 23, 2008


GirlTuesday may eat Oreo's for breakfast, but I prefer peanut butter and nutella sandwichs first thing in the am.

Truth be told, I usually have coffee for breakfast, but when post-call, I need more sustenance. Luckily, our resident call room is stocked with huge tubs of peanut butter and, occasionally, a small jar of nutella.

(For the uninitiated, nutella is chocolate hazelnut butter and the reason why so many girls from the U.S. gain 20 pounds when studying abroad in France.)


Turboglacier said...

Whoa! No fair! There was never no Nutella in the call room kitchen when *I* was a resident there!

daedalus2u said...

And in that very convenient single-serving container too!

GirlTuesday said...

ooh i like nutella, too. good call girl MD. (food for thought: nutella AND oreos. mmmm.)