Saturday, October 04, 2008

let's talk nuclear

Hey folks. I know this might seem harsh and nit-picky, but it's not a's a nucleus. It's not nuc-u-lar, it's nuclear. Governor Palin (and W.) clearly did not pay attention in high school biology class.

I might go a little batty if I have to listen to four more years of someone repeatedly using this botched pronunciation.


Juniper said...


You are a girl after my own heart. Every time I hear this pronunciation I want to throw a brick at the TV.

I hope to get down to the city to see you soon!

daedalus2u said...

I don't care how they say it, so long as they never launch them first.

That is what scares me most about Bush, McCain and especially Palin.

If one of them were president during the Cuban missile crisis the world might be a very different place than it is now.

We never did "duck and cover" drills, but my dad did have a few 55 gallon drums of emergency food and supplies in the basement.


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