Saturday, January 14, 2006


just an fyi...for the few who have seen this blog over the past week or so, you might notice that the name has changed. used to be "girl friday", which i thought was a very cute title for a blog.
funny thing...if you google "girl friday" you don't just get links to the very cute cary grant movie. you also get lots of x-rated sites. so i decided that i'd prefer not to attract that kind of reader. just g-rated...well, maybe pg-13 and an occasional R for language. but definitely not x.

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sister smile said...

Glad you're back; I enjoy your posts.

This one reminds me of something my English/Aussie ex-husband discovered: he was trying to explain Skippy the Bush Kangaroo to me (it was an Australian program like "Lassie", only the the hero was a kangaroo, not a collie). He googled it, and that's when we learned that the word "skippy" is apparently somehow linked to gay bondage porn.