Saturday, January 14, 2006

saturday call

ok. so saturday call sounds like complete drudgery. you come in on the weekend, have a skeleton crew of staff and have the same number of patients with the same amount of work.
i'm of two minds about saturday call. on the one hand, it means you get no sleep-in day for the whole week. however, it's the only time you really have a straight, 24-hour shift. so, being the polly-anna that i am determined to be this month, i am looking on the bright side. i get to go home tomorrow morning at 8AM.
my plan is to sleep all day, then, as is our weekly social activity, watch desperate housewives and grey's anatomy with 2 other peds interns. it's silly, we know. we just sit there and are constantly amazed at the improbably turn of events that occur in fictional seattle. but, hey, you can't go wrong with patrick dempsey.
back to the grind...still have several notes to write and feeding advances to start, not to mention all the phototherapy! seems like every baby has hyperbilirubinemia.

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