Friday, January 27, 2006

off-service notes

Tradition has it that your last day on service, you write a comprehensive note with a summary of the hospital course to date. So last night, while I wasn't busy with a misbehaving 28weeker who was on maximal pressors and inotropes, I sat dutifully in front of the computer and wrote detailed descriptions of what has happened during the last month.
Of course, the intern who is taking over my list on Monday likely won't even read these notes. Plus, everything will change over the weekend.
The golden weekend...the first since the holidays. It stretches out blissfully in front of me. 2 whole days of sleeping in, seeing friends, skiing (only if there's been enough snow), and staying up past 10pm (something I try not to do when I have to get up at 5am).
Definitely no misbehaving 28wkrs. they're not allowed to be out past 10pm.

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