Wednesday, January 04, 2006

word of the day

here's the word of the day...

anachronism (uh-NAK-ruh-niz-uhm) noun
1. The error of placing a person, object, custom, or event in the wrong historical period.
2. A person, thing, or practice that does not belong in a time period.
[From French anachronisme, from Latin anachronismus, from Greek anakhronismos, from ana-, (backwards) + khronos (time).]

sometimes i feel like an anachronism. sometimes i don't.


sister smile said...

What sorts of things make you feel like an anachronism?

girl MD said...

walking down the street sometimes in new york (my parents live there) often makes me feel somewhat anachronistic. i wear dansko clogs to work most days, not high heels. i hardly ever wear make-up. pod-casting conjurs the image of blowing on dandelion heads into the wind. i knit. well, that last one is questionable these days...knitting clubs are somewhat fashionable these days, or so i'm told.