Sunday, June 25, 2006

last day as an intern

so, it's almost done. everyone has been congratulating me today for getting through this year. like it's some great accomplishment, like i did something more worthwhile than running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
truthfully, i'll be glad when tomorrow morning comes and i can sign out the ward to the new crop of interns, all bright-eyed and trepidatious (if that's even a word). but i have no real sense of accomplishment about it. i've just been barely keeping my head above water. if that's an accomplishment or giant feat of strength, well, then i guess congratulations are in order.
frankly, i'm just exhausted and numb. everyone says second year is better. is it better or are you just used to feeling this way?
i am the runner up for the black cloud award (an award given to that lucky resident who has the worst call nights). my chief said i would have won it outright, except the girl who won it was graduating and i had 2 more years to achieve that particular honor. my goal for my pl-2 year is to win the white cloud award. my fortune is bound to change. here's to quiet nights (knock on wood)...


Flea said...


Second year is better. Got any ideas as to what to do when residency is over? There aren't many of us pedies in the blogosphere, but none of us are shy about unburdening ourselves of our opinions.

Feel free to ask.



Rob said...

Yes, year 2 is FAR better than year 1. It is good to have people under you that do the 90% of the work. You get to benefit from their efforts and just need to know the remaining 10%. It was nearly 15 years ago (I am getting old), but I remember it vividly.

The only bad part of PGY-2 is that you are dangerous. In year 3 you have been burned enough by your own stupidity/carelessness that you are humble in your approach. Year 2 docs can get a little too confident. Just know that when you do get knocked down, you are joining a prestigious fraternity of idiots. It is better to be an idiot than dangerous. Don't forget that!

Wrkinprogress said...

Yayayayay for you on passing this milestone! :D Get some sleep and then go out and enjoy some life! You certainly deserve it!


punchberry said...

Congratulations! From my not yet finished with first yr of med school view point, it looks like you have accomplished so, so much.

I have been reading your entries for a while, but this is my first comment, so thanks! I really enjoy your writing and insight.

Anonymous said...

you are the best! i am so very proud of all of your accomplishments. you really have your heart in the right place. thank you for being there for each and every person who crosses your path. you really are the best

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm just finishing up intern year, too. Here's hoping that it gets better!