Friday, June 30, 2006

morning edition

one of the good things about being on my ED month is that i get to listen to the entirety of morning edition, as opposed to the 10 minute snippet i usually get on my drive into the hospital. so today, there was a really neat piece on jerry falwell. i was not aware of this, but apparently, everyone sends him Tinky-Winkys and the guy who ghost-wrote his autobiography has come out of the closet and sits front and center in his church every sunday. talk about poetic justice. i highly recommend a listen.


Wrkinprogress said...

Love that bit about the ghostwriter of his autobio!!! I may have to start watching Morning Edition myself now!

Flea said...

*gasp* You mean there are homosexuals among us?


sister smile said...

Aaaaah, I love it. If Tinky Winky wasn't gay before, he sure is now. I love seeing right-wing zealots making horses' asses out of themselves.