Friday, July 28, 2006

non sequitor(s)

went running today. on a windy, hilly dirt road, i could have sworn i saw a mushroom as big as a basketball. turned out to be a rock. some runner's high.

i have a new housemate who is about to start med school after his first career in computers. he's a total wiz and is, as we speak, figuring out how to transfer all my music on my ipod (that came from a computer that no longer exists) to my current computer. brand new music library for me. well, not brand new. it's all my music. but it's now manipulatable on my iTunes.

my new favorite show on t.v. when i can't seem to wind down from a night in the ED is "Throwdown with Bobby Flay", in which the Iron Chef travels hither and yon to challenge ordinary, everyday people to a cooking challenge. Last night was a Texas Chili cookoff. hey, new yorkers can cook chili, too.

work beckons in the morning. at the moment, i am feeling masochistic enough to get up even earlier and run before clinic. i think i really am nuts.


Felix Kasza said...

No, you are not nuts. I get up between 2am and 2:30am to go biking (empty streets == fewer idiots trying to run me over).

Enjoy the run!

Flea said...

Food Network makes life better. Running and FN probably make some kinda weird synergy but I haven't figured it out yet...