Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I may have had my head under a vent for the last month but c'mon...

In news that can only go under the category of why do we care , I give you this link from the BBC. No wonder we are so despised around the world.

In other news for those with more on their minds than the fate of over-privileged heiresses who are going to jail for crimes they obviously committed, here is a story worth reading. Contrary to all the anticipatory guidance that pediatricians have been giving parents for years about juice, the abstract, which analyzed data from the NHANES study, basically says that 100% fruit juice won't make kids obese. This is only an abstract, the article points out, and needs to be further scrutinized in a peer-reviewed journal. However, the message is truly revolutionary.

Think I'll go have an Odwalla Superfood to celebrate the occasion.


daedalus2u said...

I wouldn't term this study "revolutionary", they simply found that there was no association between obesity and consumption of fruit juice. I suspect that the same lack of association would be found between obesity and any specific food that makes up less than ~5% of caloric intake. (provided that the specific food was consumed by enough people)

I think that many people want there to be some magic "good" food that they can eat to compensate for the calories of other foods (such as diet Tab), or similarly, one "bad" food they can avoid which will prevent obesity.

Any calories in excess of physiological needs gets stored as fat.

Stephen said...

So, uhm, i've got this 100 percent pure high-fructose corn syrup drink. Oh wait, that's a vegetable.

I'd only go this far: Any calories in excess of physiological needs can get stored as fat.

It's clearly alot more complicated. When i was younger, it did not matter what i ate, McDonalds twice a day, whatever - i'd gain at most one pound a year. These days, i'm working out more, eating less, better nuitrition, and if i stray from the path for a month, it's serious weight gain.

daedalus2u said...

ytonjbehVirtually all fruit juices are near 50/50 mixtures of glucose and fructose from the enzymatic inversion of sucrose (which is the main transport sugar in plants).

I do prefer glucose (which is why I like gatorade from powder (glucose) rather than liquid (HCFC).

You are absolutely right, what you eat doesn't matter. 1 pound of fat representes 3500 calories. 1 pound a year is no more than 10 "excess" calories per day. 1 pound a month is about 100 excess calories per day. Why did your calorie consumption regulation get out of whack?

In my opinion what causes obesity is not enough basal NO, which reduces mitochondria biogenesis and shifts more ATP production to glycolysis. 5% more ATP from glycolysis requires cells to import twice as much glucose as the same ATP from oxidative phosphorylation.

I think that morbid obesity comes from not enough mitochondria in the liver to run the Cori cycle and recycle the lactate from glycolysis back to glucose. The lactate can't accumulate, the body has to do "something" with it, I think that "something" is make fat. First depot, then visceral, then ectopic in the liver, muscle, everywhere. The end stage diseases associated with ectopic fat are not due to the fat, they are due to insufficient mitochondria to recycle the lactate.

Cynthia Samuels said...
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