Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So things got a little busy, as evidenced by my lack of posts. April was consumed in a whirlwind of micro-preemies on oscillating ventilators, many sleepless nights filled with record-breaking numbers of blood gases and an overall feeling of exhaustion. I started the month with 3 really sick babies, two of whom were on an oscillator and had profound nosocomial sepsis. By the end of the month, all 3 are off the vent and have "graduated" to the less-acute side of the nursery where they enjoy kangaroo care, isolettes instead of open-bed warmers and are working on their feeds. Now that is what I call a satisfying month.
After a week on community practice, the exhaustion is fading, although I am now plagued with a viral illness that decided now was the opportune time to strike. I guess I have to agree with the timing, as it really wasn't an option to get sick in the NICU.
It's spring here, finally. Trees are blooming. Daffodils are coming up. I no longer cough when I run outside. Life is good, or at least better.

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