Wednesday, May 09, 2007

you know you work too much when... and 2 other peds residents can think of nothing more scintillating on a Friday night than wandering through the aisles of CVS comparing ingredients in children's cold and flu remedies.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

That is so funny, but kinda sad. Hopefully you will soon be able to have some time to yourself so that you won't spend your evenings reading the labels of children's antitussives.

Stephen said...

Last Fall, i was out with a bunch of other astronomers. We'd gone quite a ways to get to a dark sky site. It rained. Bored, i started reading the ingredients on a Pringles can. Dr. Phil gave us a lecture describing the metabolic pathways for fats and transfats, for most of an hour, off the top of his head. Very entertaining. We didn't see any stars, but instead brought our own. Dr. Phil is an xray crystalographer.