Monday, December 10, 2007


there have been several milestones in the last few days that i thought i'd share, if there are any readers left with such a long hiatus. sorry. but read on and you'll see why i've been absent.

1) i am done with the nicu. i just finished my last call of my last month in the nicu. this is a huge relief. i made it through 4 months of this crazy unit without having any babies die on my watch. some, if the universe was truly merciful, should have, but none did. to be sure, there will be consults when i am a fellow, but it just won't be the same.

2) for the first time in my life, i have pneumonia.good old community acquired pneumonia. of course, my community is a hospital and my crackles were focused in one lobe of my lungs, so i'm getting two weeks of moxi, but it could be worse. i figure better to have it now than when i'm a pulmonary fellow. better now, so i can have more empathy for my patients. of course, i haven't missed a day of work. people cringe when i cough, but i wear a mask. the mask i wear is a badge of honor. or so they tell me.

3) to explain the title, today i have broken the 200 day threshold. 199 more days of residency. but who's counting?

please feel free to share your milestones...i'm quite sure they are more impressive than mine.


TIM said...

Welcome back... Can't say I was worried about your absence, but I was curious.

It's funny your title today is 199. that's my last milestone number.

A few years ago I weighed in at 280 pounds. I decided to get into shape and made a goal of getting under 200 pounds by my 50th birthday. I managed to hit 199 in 18 months, 3 months before my 50th. That was last year and I'm still losing the weight.

Good luck to you with your "199"!

Just Suzanne said...

I'm with Tim -- glad to have you back, and many congrats on not being upside down any longer!

I had pneumonia for the first time this year myself, and it bites, though in a half-hearted kind of way, if that makes any kind of sense. lol

Take it easy, Doc, and happy holidays.

girl MD said...

congratulations on your "199". that's awesome.

thanks for the well-wishes.

happy holidays!


GirlTuesday said...

oh yay. i'm glad you're back, too!

daedalus2u said...

I know this isn't much of a milestone, but I have been playing a lot of mine sweeper lately, for stress relief. I have a new best, 175 seconds.

Dragonfly said...

Erm...congratulations on the CAP. Are you going to be a ped pulmonologist?