Sunday, December 16, 2007

An open letter to Ron Paul

Dear Dr. Paul,
As a lifelong Democrat, I was unexpectedly moved by your message. Small government, taking responsibility for ourselves, the fundamental right to privacy...these are incredibly powerful ideas that resonate with many people. However, I find that I cannot support your candidacy due to your unenlightened views on abortion. Moreover, I find your views on this issue to be incongruous with the rest of your platform.

I am a pediatrician. I see the effects of unwanted pregnancies in stark, unfiltered detail everyday. Abuse, neglect, emotional scars that never heal, generations living in poverty. Personal responsibility encompasses many things and includes making responsible family planning choices. Whatever her decision, it is a woman's fundamental right to choose whether or not to have a child.

Our society is unenlightened on this issue. Abortion has existed, hidden in the background, throughout history. As long as women have been able to bear children, women have chosen to prevent or abort a pregnancy. Due to Roe vs. Wade, women in this country can now obtain safe, legal abortions that do not kill them or result in subsequent infertility. Due to organizations like Planned Parenthood, women can obtain reproductive and family planning services regardless of their ability to pay.

I respectfully disagree with your views on this issue and wanted to let you know that I will not be voting for you.

girl MD


GirlTuesday said...


Just Suzanne said...

Hear! Hear! I wholeheartedly concur! Thank you for being so eloquent about such an important and divisive topic.


daedalus2u said...

Well said.

MY OWN WOMAN... said...

If "they" could only see what we see on a daily basis, they would then realize that giving birth can cause more harm to the child then to any other person.

TIM said...

Here's my problem...

Girl MD says, "I find your views on this issue to be incongruous with the rest of your platform."

Jeez! Who does that leave for me to vote for on ANY issue? I agree with the issue addressed, but where does the "compromise" come? All of the candidates are "incongruous".

I'd like to be snarky and say none of the above, but the problem is ONE of the above is going to be president - if we like it or not.

Now is where I get into trouble: As I say to both sides of the issue... Why is this issue "the most important issue of the day?"

I don't think it is. Go ahead, give "it" to me, but the poor will be poor. The hungry will still be hungry. The RTL's will still spout their tripe... Yada, yada yada...

Me? I'm not a Paul supporter. I'll be a pragmatist and vote for the person who can get us to the "place" we need to be. It will not be in the next administration or two, but sometime. I will not vote on ONE issue.

I say this realizing that this puts me at odds with the RTL's and pro-choice folks. Even if I lean towards the pro-choicers. So be it.

Sorry about the length. Guess I should get my own blog. No thanks.

Assrot said...

First let me say that having been a foster parent for more years that I can remember I have seen what you have seen and I know exactly how children of unwanted pregnancies usually wind up.

I also strongly believe that any person male or female has a right to decide what happens to their own body.

I think in today's world there are many ways for a person to control what happens to their body without murdering a helpless child growing in its mothers womb.

I think abortion should only be allowed in a few very extreme cases where the woman had none of the other choices available to her.

Abortion has become the new birth control of our day and time. The way it is used today is a disgrace to the human race. It seems to be used by people that are too stupid and lazy to go to Planned Parenthood and get free birth control to begin with. If they can get to Planned Parenthood to arrange an abortion why can't they get there beforehand to prevent the need for an abortion to begin with?

I don't care what the law says. Abortion is taking a life. I call that legalized manslaughter at best and legalized murder at worst depending on the circumstances.

Call it what you want, you are taking a life. That life has the same rights anyone else does.

I'm sure that you are all up in arms and indignant if you have even read this far. So go ahead and either delete my comment or spew the same old tired cliche' arguments that all the pro-abortion folks spew. I've heard it all and it's all propoganda and BS to justify the stupidity of the two people that created the unwanted pregnancy.

My opinion the unwanted baby should be brought to term and allowed to be born then the two parents that made their unwanted child should be the ones aborted.

girl MD said...


i'm sure you hoped your comment would give me apoplectic fits.

it didn't.

i'm not that easy of a target.

spew your own issues elsewhere, if you don't mind.


Assrot said...

GirlMD, you got me all wrong. I was not trying to do anything to you. I have no malice for anyone, especially someone I don't know and have never met. I was not trying to change your mind or make a target out of you either.

I was just stating an opinion. If you took offense then I apologize. I thought people wrote posts on blogs to tell the world what they think and if they leave the comments open then I assume you want to hear other people's opinions whether they agree with you or not. At least that is the way I have my blog. Anyone can say anything they want. It is the USA after all. Freedom of speech is one of our rights.

I see you are not as open-minded. You only want comments that agree with your opinion.

Very well then. I will not post here again. I can see your mind is a closed book to all opinions except your own.

Have a nice night.