Thursday, December 20, 2007

snow, glorious snow!

it's been a delightful few weeks, full of snow, snow and more snow. the forecast for today was, you guessed it, more snow. 3-5 inches. just to prove that this winter will be nothing like last winter, we got 9 inches today.

the only not-so-great thing about so much glorious snow is shoveling it. our house, while lovely in most aspects (high ceilings, lots of sunlight, energy efficiency), the roof is constructed in such a sloping fashion as to dump all the snow in front of the garage doors. my poor obliques!

on a side note, i went to an applicant dinner tonight and found my jaw on the floor when no one in the room knew who gloria steinem was. Ms. Gloria Steinem! i think i may have finally figured out what is wrong with this world. the young ones have forgotten gloria. or maybe never learned about her at all. but they benefit from her courageous spirit every day.


Sara said...

You need more well-rounded applicants! I'm in the middle of interview season myself (as an applicant) and I am quite familiar with the feminist in question. :)

GirlTuesday said...

oh wow. that makes me so sad.

recently i taught a women's studies course at smallish state university and had a similar experience. i made a reference to steinem's essay "if men could menstruate," and they all looked at me like i was crazy. "that's gross," one of my students said. "who is she?" another one asked.

and this was a women's studies class . . . .